About Edubabies.com

“You are not a genius, but you can become parents of genius children.” Edubabies will bring to the father and mother the most modern methods of education today. I understand that “early education”, “not old age”, is really revolution in education, revolutionary intellectual development, human intelligence. Actually I would have made a mistake with you, with the babies if I knew without sharing, I do not want birth babies who are already genius but only at the indiscretion of adults. That genius will go away gradually over time.

My story

I am a father of two little boys, my love for them is endless, all my time is for my two sons. Because of that, I discovered the wonderful secrets of “early education” or “no-nonsense” methods, this is my best secret, nothing more important than it.

The person behind this blog: Nguyen Dang Thai

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This is my eldest son, Nguyen Dang Hoang Anh when she was 20 months old:

Here are the moments of fun with the children: